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Answers To Some of Your Questions

There is no definitive answer. We have broken the route down into four sections suggesting a four day trek. However some people might walk a couple of sections per day while others might stop longer and enjoy other features and activities the area has to offer.

The Affric Kintail Way is roughly 44 miles long and starting from Drumnadrochit there is almost 1800m of ascent over the length of the route. Although you can obviously start from either end, on the website we have opted for travelling east to west as the height is gained much more gradually than by starting at Morvich. Another consideration is starting in the east means the sun is at your back for a good part of the day.

Walking boots and waterproof clothing are a must. Maps and a compass should always be carried when out in the wilds - the maps on this site are only guides and not to be regarded as a substitute for having your own. Also ensure you have a plentiful supply of provisions. Don't rely on getting a mobile phone signal on much of the route.

The Affric Kintail Way is of course 'open' all year round but the majority of visitors will view it as a three season venture. However given that in winter the weather can be quite severe and the days are shorter and some parts of the route are quite remote more preparation would be required at this time. In summer months you should book any required accommodation in advance.

Midges can be problematic at times particularly during the months June to August. It is advisable to carry a midge repellant.

There are campsites at both ends of the AKW in Drumnadrochit and Morvich with another part way along at Cannich. Under the terms of access legislation you are entitled to wild camp providing you behave responsibly in terms of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC). If you do intend to wild camp please follow the advice given in the guide which can be found at www.outdooraccess-scotland.com.

Preferably use a stove. If you do light an open fire, keep it small, under control and supervised – fires that get out of control can cause major damage, for which you might be held liable.

Again under the terms of the SOAC dogs are permitted providing they are well behaved and kept under control at all times. There are parts of the AKW that will bring you into contact with farm animals and you are advised to heed the additional advice given in order to ensure the safety of the animals, you and your dog. Another issue is the presence of ground nesting birds in the breeding season (April-July) so dogs should be under strict control or on a short lead.

Although you can download section map images from this site these are no substitute for having your own Ordnance Survey Maps. The route extends across three - OS Landranger Maps 25, 26 & 33. Also available and highly recommended is the Affric Kintail Way trail map produced by Harvey Maps.

See our Accommodation & Services Directory for information. You may also be able arrange pick up/drop off directly with accommodation providers. There are several companies offering 'tours' of other routes such as the Great Glen Way so it is likely they will wish to include the AKW in the coming years.

In general terms the AKW is suitable for mountain bikes but care must be taken in some areas. The section between Camban Bothy and Gleann Lichd is quite narrow, undulating and descends sharply so bikes might have to be carried or pushed on this part of the route. Very experienced mountain bikers might relish the challenge!

Should you have any other questions about the Affric Kintail Way please get in touch.