About the Affric Kintail Way

Partner Organisations

Forestry Commission Scotland

FCS Inverness District Office

Forestry Commission Scotland advises and implements forestry policy to protect and expand Scotland's forests and to increase their value to society and the environment. Scotland's National Forest Estate covers nearly 9% of Scotland and comprises forests, woodland and open ground. It's a national treasure and it's our privilege to be looking after it.

Inverness, Ross & Skye District Office is responsible for the FCS woodland in Glenurquhart, Strathglass and the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve. Responsibilities include felling, planting, wildlife conservation, path construction & maintenance and providing facilities that help visitors get the most from the forests.

FCS: Glen Affric

Glen Affric is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic glens in Scotland . Its wild and natural landscape with lochs, rivers, mountains and majestic pinewoods is world renowned. The National Nature Reserve area has been owned by Forestry Commission Scotland since 1951. It is managed for conservation, to expand natural habitats like the pinewoods, bogs and montane areas. A lot of rare highland wildlife thrives here and work continues to try to improve their populations. People are welcome too, on the many way-marked trails and longer routes which are great for exploring.

FCS: Glenurquhart

Glenurquhart Forest is in beautiful Glenurquhart above Loch Meiklie. There have been planted forests woodlands here since the 1960s and some have now been harvested and replanted. These are intermixed with areas of natural deciduous woodland giving an attractive backdrop to the glen. There is little habitation now but there are traces of old farmsteads, fields and even a corn kiln to show how past communities lived. The area has an extensive network of forest tracks with circular and longer, linear routes making it a great place for mountain biking, horse riding and walking. Follow the Loch Meiklie viewpoint trail for a five mile circuit with great views over the loch and glen or walk along the riverside for shorter stroll.