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Severe Flooding Causes Extensive Damage To Dog Falls Bridge

Been up to Dog Falls today as I heard the bridge had been washed away – not quite but still suffered extensive damage.  The bridge has been deemed too dangerous to use so effectively closes the AKW at this point.

FCS’s civil engineers are now actively involved – you may remember earlier storm damage was hopefully going to be repaired by Easter.  This latest flood damage means it is going to be a much bigger job.  Hopefully we will hear soon what FCS are planning given that besides major disruption to the AKW, the Glen Affric Duathlon is only six weeks away and the bridge is on the cycle stage.

You can see from the photos below the extent of the damage.  The water level rose to well above the height of the bridge so much so that it washed away parts of the waymarked walks on the river bank as well as some tarmac at the car park.





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