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Stage 1: Drumnadrochit – Cannich proposed reroute avoiding A831

For the past 18 months SMG and FCS have been working on an alternative to travellers walking/cycling/riding on the A831 between Corrimony and Cannich.  After extensive discussions with landowners and other stakeholders we have now reached a point where we are confident we can alleviate concerns on road safety issues on this stage of the AKW.

The current route between Corrimony and Cannich is roughly 4 miles.  The new option extends this to around 7 miles but besides improving road safety underfoot conditions and the views of surrounding landscapes are greatly enhanced.

There will still be two crossing points on the A831 with advanced warnings for both drivers and those on the AKW.

Survey work is near completion and then funding for the project will have to be sourced.  The cost is likely to be very substantial so we cannot put a timescale on the development but we are talking at least 2 – 3 years for completion.

Hopefully this addresses the concerns of those who have expressed concerns on the public road section.  We would like to hear your views on the subject or on the AKW in general.  If you would like to comment please email us at or fill in the form on the website Contact page – we will not disclose email addresses to third parties but we may publish your comments.

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