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Latest Diversion Updates 29/07/2020

With the lifting of restrictions we are seeing a number of visitors on the AKW.  Please follow the guidelines within the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and minimise any impact on the environment.

A couple of areas of the AKW are still subject to forestry operations and care should be taken and any advice from contractors followed.

1 Near Drumnadrochit (Stage 1) there is still the diversion through Craigmonie / Balmacaan wood.  This should be clearly signposted.  Please report any difficulties that you encounter and we will take these up with FLS.  Some timber lorries may be encountered just beyond this area.  Apologies that this has dragged on for so long and we can’t simply blame it on the Covid19 outbreak.

diversion-winter-2018Diversion route in red.

2 Comar Wood (Stage 2)

Timber extraction is still ongoing  in Glen Cannich meaning large vehicles will be present on the forest road (very short stretch) as well as the public road down through Cannich.  The red dots indicate the vehicle path, black the AKW.  Please follow any instructions from contractors.  Again report to us any difficulties you might encounter.



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