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Phase 2 Works Now Complete!

After many trials and tribulations we are pleased to announce that Phase 2 of the AKW reroute is now complete. New signage is still to be erected in one or two places but temporary signs are at relevant points. Let’s try and explain the changes and make the transition simple!

The map above shows the path building work carried out over the past several years. AK6,7,8 & 9 were completed early 2021. Phase 2 saw completion of AK1,2,3 & 5 – note AK4 (yellow dots) is scheduled for Phase 3 possibly in July.

Above we have a closer view of how the path looks now. Temporary signage is in place at Shenval T1 leading across A831, entrance to Dark Deer Croft T2, and on the forest road reached after crossing the burn by a new bridge T3.

After T3 follow the forest road for ~ 1.5km – do not deviate – until the new signposted section that goes down to Cannich is reached to your right.

The yellow dotted section is along the A831. This will be shortened when Phase 3 is completed. There will always be a short section and two crossing points on the A831. However over 4 miles of road travel will be reduced to some 300 metres. Please take great care when on or crossing the A831 public road.

Hopefully the above will guide you through the changes but if you have any questions please email or send message via Facebook. Do not post on the FB page!

For a larger map of this section of the AKW download it here.

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